Día de los Muertos Celebration 10th Anniversary.

For 10 consecutive years, the Día de Los Muertos Collective has been taking great care to share and execute this ritual-celebration in a most respectful and traditional manner to pass on the tradition. 

Held at Wychwood Barns (601 Christie St, Toronto, Canada), this celebration has been entirely produced by the Mexican community with  the support of local small scale business that belong to the community and for the community; not without mentioning the great support of the Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council. This  to fulfill the need to portray  the celebration of the Day of the Dead as close as to what is done   back home.

As immigrants, we feel the need to carry on with our customs to keep sight of who we are. Strengthening identity provides grounding for the individual in a new country and promotes self-esteem.

On Saturday, October 27th,  2018, Wychwood Barns will be dressed in petals and scented with incense and mum flowers. Everyone is welcome to participate in the processions, workshops, installations, community art projects, and a living altar.  At the community altar people can carry on with the tradition of honoring their dear departed with incense, flowers, candles, food, water, candy and pictures.

We believe in this tradition as a healing process of one of the hardest moments of our lives which is the one of losing our beloved ones.

Although we are continuously working in bringing a celebration with quality and respect, our big challenge is covering the expenses needed for the event.  We are considering this campaign to raise funds to be used for material costs and production expenses involved in the elaboration of this amazing celebration as well as food and refreshments for volunteers.